9 Circles Innovation Co., Ltd.

Our systematic service routine
enables us to answer directly to our clients needs.

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    1. Research & Analysis

    We use inspection procedure to help analyze our clients needs. We review the causes of their needs and the complications to create the best solution, which will directly respond to their necessity.

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    2. Consult

    We provide consultation service to design the new ideas of how to use IT to resolve any drawbacks, and to improve our client organization to accomplish their goal.

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    3. Planning

    We have High-profile experts and analysts to set IT strategy for our clients, and offer the the best methodology for significant benefit. Additionally, to solve our clients IT confusions permanently.

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    4. Strategy

    We offer the best solutions and innovations to our clients, in the form of softwares & hardwares, besides we help our client to boost their existing IT resources to perform at its full capability.




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  • We will come up with new idea to eliminate unwanted working scenes, results the noticeable rise of our clients profit. Moreover, to support our clients business to emerge to their remarkable accomplishment.