Application Performance Management (APM)

  • 9Circles brings application performance management (APM) to software architects and development teams and increases the number and predictability of releases. It integrates withpopular continuous integration (CI) systems to provide early visibility into application behavior under load. Used continuously, with every build, your development teams can reduce architectural flaws, cut developmenttime, shorten the amount of test time,

  • accelerate your time-to-market and improve production quality. Through automation and the lifecycle approach, you can establish a continuous feedback loop between the integration test system and developers, enabling the ever needed change from sporadic tactical troubleshooting to strategic proactive performance engineering.

9Circles Product Value


  • Being able to monitor the performance of the functions of the Web Base and Application by demonstrating the connection and transaction flow of the monitored Application automatically. Also, display the response time of each operation, from the source for the system to the destination program in the form of End-To-End Monitoring.
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  • Being able to determine the cause of Slow Response time and Error of the Application in-depth to the level of the Source Code, SQL statement, CPU / Memory / Disk IO / Network IO to indication where must be resolved with precision and apply a quick fix.
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  • Being able to keep track on the requests of all applications that the request came from which Device / Browser and it has been requested to which Web Server or any server or application related to the Request.


  • Being able to analyze the problems in the term of users. The analysis will show the use of the Mobile App, Web Browser of the users that what has been worked on the device. For example, where has been clicked on the Mobile App and Web Browser screen, the response time of the applications in each click whether it takes slow or fast, status of the users whether it is normal or having the problem of the user in the real time, and distribute in the form of Dashboard graphs which is easy to understand.


    • Being able to check the problem of Mobile Application Crash and able to display the detailed applications, while it crash such as Error code, signal quality, battery life remaining, the screen resolution, a mobile version and others to help analyze and find a solution to the problem
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    • Being able to be an indicator in the Dashboard of the transaction at any time in real time 24 hours a day, to analyze data completely, and show all transaction access of every user and display it in full for every transaction by a non-random data (Sampling). The Dashboard can be defined and designed according to the usage of the system or the nature of the work itself.


    • Being able to accommodate a wide range of system that support Application Server on various Platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Z / Linux, Z / OS and Agent support the work of Component Java Application, J2EE Application Server, Microsoft .NET. , PHP by a Low Overhead at approximately 2%, which will not affect the performance of the application and the performance of the server.
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    • Administrators are able to perform the Export Transaction that has some issues as files and submit the file to the Application Development team in order to reveal all the information in the Offline without a look at Server
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    • Shorten the time to solve problems from the meeting. The collection of data related to various organizations in the system. Due to the results from the monitor by software dynaTrace and analyzed the results that can identify the problems of what exactly cause by, why and where it is supposed to solve the problem.